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AOA Silver BenefactorAh, the summer of 1997, we will never forget the first time that we gazed with curiosity at an alpaca. Although our hearts were immediately taken with the creature, our minds were consumed with questions that we later found could not easily be put to rest. The more research that was done to answer these questions, the more intrigued we became. The country life, but five minutes from town. The desire for spacious land, but not the taxes. The fondness for raising livestock, but with true vertical integration. The need to retire someday, but not to a cruise ship. If this sounds familiar in any way, you may want to give us a call. We have been successful alpaca breeders since 1997, and produce the finest AOA certified champion livestock available for the knowledgeable investor. We have the experience, expertise, world class alpacas, and proven results that can benefit new and existing breeders alike. Call us and come visit our farm, let’s talk about alpacas.

Chris and Lori

Kendall Creek Farms Alpacas — Established 1997

Kendall Creek Farms Alpacas

Chris and Lori Works
41 Looker Mountain Trail
Bradford, PA 16701

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Kendall Creek Farms AlpacasKendall Creek Farms AlpacasKendall Creek Farms AlpacasKendall Creek Farms Alpacas