Mazuri Animal Nutrition

AOA Platinum BenefactorFor over 30 years, Mazuri® has provided nutrition for the most delicate, unique animals in the world.

Our Ph.D. nutritionists have years of research experience and practical knowledge of what each species eats in their natural environment, their unique and sensitive feeding behaviors, and what nutrients their bodies need for proper growth, production, and overall health. Mazuri has designed a line of diets targeted to meet the unique need of alpacas raised for show, fiber production or companionship. Our high-quality products are created with precision by Mazuri Ph.D. Nutritionists, in collaboration with leading alpaca specialist Dr. Norm Evans, DVM.

Our name means “good" in Swahili, and we believe that good nutrition requires great scientific curiosity. Our nutritionists are constantly conducting research in collaboration with breeders, zoos, and universities to gain new insight into animal nutrition. Every formula we create is precisely calibrated to deliver balanced nutrition and we pay special attention to the fine details and unique needs of animals.

All Mazuri feeds are formulated with the highest-quality ingredients and the latest technology in our own manufacturing plants for increased control over the supply chain. Our main plant is a drug (ionophore-free) and hormone-free manufacturing facility, holds the highest quality standards in Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000-certified) and meets all FDA requirements. Everything we produce is 100% satisfaction guaranteed when returned to an authorized retailer for a refund.

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Mazuri Animal Nutrition — Established 1989

Mazuri Animal Nutrition

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Mazuri Animal NutritionMazuri Animal NutritionMazuri Animal NutritionMazuri Animal Nutrition Mazuri Animal Nutrition