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AOA Silver BenefactorWalnut Knoll Farm began as a dream first envisioned in the summer of 2002. That dream became reality beginning on December 30, 2002, when we purchased our first two alpacas, both Huacaya. We moved to our present location during March 2003, named our farm for two huge black walnut trees that stand right outside our back door…on a knoll. Our herd prospered and now numbers eighty-six, made up of both Huacaya and Suri alpacas.

In 2004, we began developing a new connecting venture, The Alpaca Bean Coffee Company. Once we had received our registered trademark, the coffee company took flight. We import green coffee beans from the lands of the alpaca, Peru and Bolivia, and then roast them to order at our commercial roasting operation located on our farm. We conducted national taste tests to determine our initial roasts and now we have eight primary roasts; five single origin roasts, and three house blends. Two of the single origin roasts are our Peruvian and Bolivian Decaf offerings.

In the latter part of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, Walnut Knoll joined forces with five other farms in Georgia to lay the foundation for an expanded market for our alpaca wares. This led us to find our latest adventure, The Southern Alpaca Connection, LLC. The Southern Alpaca Connection became a reality in the spring of 2014 with the purchase and renovation of a one hundred plus year old storefront in the beautiful historic city of Lavonia, Georgia. Our brick and mortar shop offers all things alpaca in the front two thirds of the store. This includes everything your imagination can conjure, from finger puppets, dryer balls, yarn, looms, and knitting supplies, to boutique style clothing items (including items made from our own fiber by Simply Natural). We also have an area set aside for classes that introduce individuals to the wonder of working with alpaca fiber.

The back one third of the store is dedicated to everything coffee. This area includes The Alpaca Bean Coffee products, a special espresso dark chocolate candy, coffee related appliances and accessories, and soon another coffee roaster for small orders on the spot.

Walnut Knoll Farm, LLC — Established 2002

Walnut Knoll Farm, LLC

George & Judy Dick
466 Stone Lane
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Walnut Knoll Farm, LLCWalnut Knoll Farm, LLCWalnut Knoll Farm, LLCWalnut Knoll Farm, LLCWalnut Knoll Farm, LLCWalnut Knoll Farm, LLC