Judy Glaser

Judy GlaserAccredited Spin-Off Judge

29039 Maul Rd
Kiowa, CO 80117-8821

phone (303) 618-5951


Judy lives in Kiowa, Colorado, on her ranch, Rockwood Llamas, with her husband, Kurt, 4 cats, 2 angora goats, 2 alpacas and 23 llamas. She works as a dental assistant by day and a fiber enthusiast by night.

Her fiber business, Rockwood Designs, consists of her handspun art yarns of varied fibers, combinations and colors. She also enjoys using her rigid heddle loom weaving with her designer yarns.

Judy is always communicating with the alpaca and llama community, encouraging owners on their animal’s fiber and uses.

She is a certified ALSA Llama Fleece judge and is excited to now be involved with AOA as a accredited spin-off judge.

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