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Alpaca Owners Guide

Alpaca Owners Guide

A guide to getting started in the alpaca industry published by Alpaca Owners Association and it's members.

Topics Included Are...

  • Alpaca Industry News
  • A Short History of Alpacas in North America
  • The Environmental Impact of Alpacas
  • Recommended Practices in Caring for Alpacas and Llama
  • Minimum Standards of Care for Alpacas and Llamas
  • A Single Gal's Guide to Alpaca Farming
  • Alpaca Barns, Pens, and Pastures
  • Labor Saving Farm Gadgets
  • Making Money with Alpaca Fiber
  • Agritourism on the Alpaca Ranch
  • An Introduction to Showing Alpacas
  • Alpaca Insurance

Also includes Farm, Ranch, and Business Listings organized by Region.

Pick up a copy and start learning about Alpaca Ownership Today!

Be sure to contact an alpaca farm in your region for more information.


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