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2020 Summer

2020 Summer

In This Issue

  • Stella McCartney Cites Alpaca as Environmentally Superior
  • Effective Alternative Parasite Treatment Safe for Alpacas
  • An Interview with AOA Executive Director Robin Gifford
  • The Quest to Decode the Alpaca Genome
  • Developing a Prototype: threadfollower’s Needle-felted Alpaca
  • Quality and Integrity Over Profit: Classic Alpaca
  • The World’s First Vitrified ET Alpaca Cria
  • Alpaca Owners Association 30th Anniversary Show
  • 2020 James G. King Award
  • 2020 AOA National Show Results
  • Diamonds of the Andes: Conserving Genetic Resources of Suri Alpaca in Peru
  • Book Review: Camel Crazy


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