Kylie Munyard

Kylie Munyard Keynote Speaker

Kylie is a Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology at the Curtin Medical School at Curtin University, in a teaching and research role. She teaches Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics. The main focus of her research is alpaca colour genetics. Since 2005 she has worked hand-in-hand with alpaca owners and breeders and researchers from all over the world to try to answer the many questions about how different color alpacas can be bred predictably. Much of this work is published and there is now a DNA test available that implements her findings regarding base color and the classic grey gene. Kylie currently has two Honours students working on roan and intensity of color, and is finalizing research from a previous student relating to white spotting in alpacas. She also collaborates on projects in many other areas, including investigating diseases in humans and sheep.

The Genetics of Color in Alpacas

This seminar will explain what we know about alpaca color genetics, and what we are currently trying to understand. This seminar is aimed at all alpaca breeders, and how this information can be used in their breeding program.