AlpacaGram 11.04 | Seeking Nominations for the 2024 Board Election

AlpacaGram 11.04
AlpacaGram 11.04January 31, 2024

AOA Election Committee
Seeking Nominations

Dear AOA Members,

The AOA Election Committee has begun the search for volunteers to run for the Board of Directors in 2024. We're looking for individuals to fill three positions with three-year terms.

Per the Bylaws, a minimum of two candidates must be nominated for each open position. Our goal is to offer qualified candidates who represent our diverse membership.

If you are interested in running or have a fellow member to nominate, don’t delay! Contact any of the Election Committee members listed below or email the entire committee at with nominations or questions.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you!

AOA Election Committee

Steve Ross (Chair)
Steden Farm, LLC; Kentucky
(502) 370-6426

Hillary Devin
Shambalah Alpaca Ranch, Colorado
(303) 588-2076

Kristen Long
Badger Canyon Farm, Washington
(919) 357-4091

Ray McMahan
Raynay Alpaca Farm, LLC; North Carolina
(336) 939-3645

Leslie Rebtoy
Healing Springs Suris, Oklahoma
(918) 629-2840

Scott Shelhart
Shelhart Acre Farms, Indiana
(574) 453-8423

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