Artists Compete at the Natural Fiber Extravaganza

Artists Compete at the Natural Fiber Extravaganza powered by Alpaca Owners Association in Lebanon, Tennessee, THIS WEEKEND

Nashville, TN — The Natural Fiber Extravaganza powered by Alpaca Owners Association has been cancelled this year due to concerns over COVID-19. However, the National Fleece Show will continue as planned July 9 – 11 at the Wilson County Exposition Center in Lebanon, Tennessee. This event is not open to the public.

Two competitions taking place at the show are the AOA Fiber Arts Competition and AOA Photo Competition.

AOA Fiber Arts Competition

The AOA Fiber Arts Competition allows Fiber Artists to display their creativity and workmanship, compete against other Fiber Artists, and receive valuable feedback and ribbons.

Items entered must have been completed during the last year and must consist of a minimum of 50% alpaca fiber. Each entry is accompanied by a written description that provides construction details including fiber preparation, fiber content, techniques used and intended use. Items are divided by Division, Category, Group and Class as follows:

  1. Divisions:
    1. Beginner: (working in the Fiber Art for less than two years)
      1. Junior — ages 18 and younger
      2. Adult — over age 18
    2. Intermediate (working in that Fiber Art for more than two years)
    3. Advanced (working in that Fiber Art for more than five years and/or has submitted to a juried event)
  2. Categories:
    1. All handwork: 100% handspun yarns with 100% hand-made construction, and/or 100% hand felted (may use commercially prepared roving)
    2. Partial or non-handwork:
      1. Use of commercially spun yarn and/or machine knitted, woven or felted
      2. Less than 100% hand felting
  3. Groups:
    1. Woven
    2. Felt
    3. Knit
    4. Crochet
    5. Lace
    6. Multiple construction techniques
  4. Classes:
    1. Accessories — any technique
      1. Gloves, hats, socks, slippers, purses and other small wearable items such as jewelry
      2. Shawls and scarves
    2. Garments — any technique: Sweaters, jackets, dresses, vests or complete outfits
    3. Hearth & Home — any technique
      1. Art and toys (pictures, figurines, etc.)
      2. Home furnishings (rugs, pillows, afghans, wall hangings, containers, etc)

First through third place ribbons will be awarded in each Division/Category/Group/Class.

AOA Photo Contest

The AOA Photo Contest is a highly anticipated annual competition! Photos featuring alpacas are entered in the following categories:

  • Alpacas and Friends
  • Alpaca Close-Ups
  • Black and White
  • Crias
  • Farm Scene
  • Humor

First through third place ribbons are awarded in each category in each age division (Adult and Junior – 17 and under) and published in a future issue of Alpacas Magazine. One Judges Choice will be awarded from all entries. This winner will be featured on the cover of the Alpaca Owners Guide and will receive a cash prize.

Winning entries can be viewed at