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Coming to Grand Island, Nebraska, March12-15, 2015.

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Alpacas of the Heartland LLC

We originally joined the alpaca industry because we took one look at the cute, adorable face of an alpaca and instantly fell in love. … Read More...

Liberty Alpacas

Liberty Alpacas started raising alpacas in 2007 and we haven't looked back! We jumped right in, became very involved in showing our first season, and joined our local association. … Read More...

Spring Grove Alpaca Ranch

Who would've thought we'd be here where we are now? … Read More...

Oak Lawn Alpacas, LLC

It is amazing how seeing these incredible animals once, can start you down an unforgettable journey. … Read More...

M and M Alpaca Farm of NC, LLC

M & M Alpaca Farm of North Carolina is a family owned and operated farm in Pittsboro, NC. … Read More...

Long Hollow Alpacas

It all started because my poor husband spent hours and hours mowing our five acre tract. We just had to do something! Then we saw a piece on Animal Planet about alpacas. … Read More...

Alpacas at Marquam Hill Ranch

Ten years ago, I saw a huggable white baby alpaca in the newspaper advertising, an alpaca show that weekend. … Read More...

Greenbriar Farm — MAM Consulting Associates, Inc

Participation in developing a true black line of huacaya, the alpaca community, alpaca shows, sharing our farm, alpacas and our lifestyle, processing fleece into products, … Read More...

Skyline Alpacas

As both a weaver and knitter, fiber and textiles have been a part of my life for over 30 years. The search for quality yarns drew me to an interest in raising fiber-producing animals. … Read More...

Double 'O' Good Alpacas

Barbara purchased her first alpacas in 1988 and has not looked back. … Read More...

Irish Meadows Alpaca Farm

The recipe for our success? Start with an outstanding foundation herd, and add excellent customer service. … Read More...

Alpaca Magic USA

In 1996, Jean Riley was looking for an animal to add to her menagerie that might add income to her farm. … Read More...

Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch

Sustainable, growing opportunity is what we envisioned in the alpaca business — and those descriptors continue to guide our vision for the future. … Read More...

A Goode View Alpaca Farm

A Goode View Alpaca Farm is our nook in the country. We are city folks! Yo! South Philly…Yo! Adrian…Yeah, that type. … Read More...

Big Timber Alpacas, LLC

We fell in love with alpacas and their fine, luxurious fiber at an Oregon fiber festival and, after researching the industry, launched our business venture. … Read More...

Tierra Prometida Alpacas

I LOVE the alpaca industry! Over the past 15 years my family has had the opportunity to grow up learning to nurture these amazing animals. … Read More...

J Creek Ranch LLC

Wanting a change of pace, we sought out property in Montana and the Pacific Northwest. … Read More...

Alpacas All Around

Welcome to Alpacas All Around, located in the beautiful foothills of Loomis California! … Read More...

Cas-Cad-Nac Farm, LLC

We started Cas-Cad-Nac Farm some 16 years ago at the same time that we were starting our family. … Read More...

Kendall Creek Farms, LLC

Ah, the summer of 1997, we will never forget the first time that we gazed with curiosity at an alpaca. … Read More...

Foster's Trail & Alpaca Farm

After moving to a rural property to get away from growth, traffic and urban sprawl, we wanted to start a business on our land that would be profitable and enjoyable. … Read More...

Alpacas Magazine

Alpacas Magazine

The industry's quarterly magazine about all things alpaca.

Feb 13 - 15, 2015
Fort Worth, TX
Feb 14 - 15, 2015
Monroe, WA
Feb 21 - 22, 2015
Concord, NC
Upcoming Member Events
Jan 31 - 31, 2015
Saint Mary of the Woods, IN
Feb 7 - 7, 2015
Maxwell, IA
Feb 14 - 14, 2015
Ames, IA

National Alpaca Farm Day

March 12-15, 2015  —  Fonner Park, Nebraska State Fair Grounds  —  Grand Island, Nebraska

Join us for the 2015 AOA National Alpaca Show & Auction in March 2015. It is going to be a spectacular event ecompassing hundreds of alpacas at the show, educational seminars about owning and breeding alpacas, the national auction, alpaca product vendors, and much more! Visit for more details!

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AlpacaGram 2.10 — AOA Fleece Producer Survey

AOA has been looking at options for establishing a recorded price for alpaca fleece similar to other agricultural products. Having this information will reinforce that the industry is truly focused on all areas of this agricultural business, which will be helpful in a variety of capacities including adding new people to the industry, IRS audits, stories in the media, and many others.

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AlpacaGram 2.09 — Nominate Someone for the AOA Shining Star Award

The alpaca industry could not function without highly dedicated volunteers. Whether helping at a show, or serving on a board of directors, volunteers dedicate a tremendous amount of time to our industry.

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AlpacaGram 2.08 — Nationals Early Bird Registration Ending Soon

Registration for the AOA National Show is ongoing but Early Bird Registration ENDS January 31st! Sign up before the end of the month to take advantage of our discount pricing.

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January 8, 2015

Isn’t it exciting when a new issue of Alpacas Magazine arrives in your mailbox? All those lovely photos and informative articles – what a great excuse to skip barn chores for the afternoon! I expect many readers have thought exactly that. On the other hand, have you ever wondered what’s behind each issue’s arrival in their mailbox. Here’s the “behind-the-covers” story.

December 11, 2014

The AOA National Show is a large event, but not as large as many conventions that I have planned in my career. However, it has something that other conventions do not…animals. Adding animals to an event brings in a whole other set of challenges and a dynamic that often requires some creativity to manage. It also means traveling a lot of ground dealing with issues at the show. Most days, I have already walked nine miles by noon.

Change can be scary and difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. With a little foresight and planning, change can be an exciting thing! Just in the last year alone, I’ve become a first-time homeowner, I trained for my first 10K, I’ve gotten married, and I’ve adopted a cockatoo from...