Membership Monday with High Desert Farmstead
Membership Monday with High Desert Farmstead

High Desert Farmstead is not just a place; it's a journey into the heart of tranquility. This farmstead emerged from a suburban backdrop as its founders searched for a life of serenity and fulfillment. What began as a flower farm blossomed into an alpaca haven, where countryside, nature, and alpacas intertwine seamlessly. 

"Why alpacas?" you may wonder. The answer, as the owners share, is rooted in the joy and peace that alpacas bring. "How can anyone not be happy around them?"

The journey into the world of alpacas for the High Desert Farmstead began with a simple visit to a local farm. As destiny calls, a herd reduction had just been listed at the farm. After spending time with the animals, they felt strongly that they could become owners. Now, they care for eight alpacas, along with the anticipation of some crias on the way. 

Over the years, the farmstead has evolved constantly, and they show no sign of slowing down. The pursuit of happiness led them away from the suburbs and straight to growing an acre of flowers. While the flowers are beautiful, they don't fulfill what they need. High Desert Farmstead described that they just knew that they wanted to be producers, educators, and learners. So thats what they transitioned to, and are still continuously evolving. 

As the first shearing approaches, the farmstead anticipates learning more about the fiber and its possibilities. While they embark on learning the world of fiber, they will work with a mill for processing. 

Red Desert Farmstead shares one memory that triumphs all, the moment when one of their alpacas felt safe enough to place her head in their hands created a deep love and gratitude to be allowed stewardship over their beautiful animals. 

Membership in the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) is not just a formality for High Desert Farmstead; it's a lifeline to knowledge and resources. Acknowledging the vastness of what they have yet to learn, the farmstead expresses gratitude for the wealth of education and support available through AOA, underscoring the importance of community in their alpaca journey.

For those curious to learn more about High Desert Farmstead and follow their journey, visit their Facebook, Instagram, and website.

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