2021: The Year of the Registration
Dan Huntley (AOA)|January 5, 2021
2021: The Year of the Registration

Registering all alpacas is vital to the growth and future of the alpaca industry. There are several reasons to register your animals:

  • Registering your alpacas ensures that future generations of alpacas can also be registered.
  • It is important to register every alpaca regardless of whether they are breeding, non-breeding, or gelded. Registration of all alpacas helps ensure that gaps don’t exist in pedigrees and helps reduce questions from potential buyers.
  • Registered alpacas are easier to market since they are eligible to participate in shows and EPDs.
  • Registering your herd provides AOA with a more accurate count of alpaca livestock in North America, which is important information to have when communicating with government, manufacturers, and other outside entities.
  • Registered alpacas are DNA-tested, their bloodlines validated, and their lineage is preserved in the world's largest alpaca database.
  • AOA connects your alpacas' records with their microchip and ear tag information. Registering your alpacas allows you to manage your herd with ease online.
  • Registered alpacas are able to be listed for sale or stud on the AOA website.
  • AOA offers BVDV testing for registered alpacas. BVDV results are kept with the alpaca's file and you can access your alpaca's records anytime online. You can even have the BVDV test taken from the same blood sample when you register your alpaca!