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AlpacaGram 8.50June 3, 2021

Call for Spinners of Alpaca Fiber

2021 AOA National Fleece Show

The Hand-Spun Yarn competition is an opportunity to showcase your yarn, and receive feedback and awards.

Hand-Spun Yarn competition details:

  • You may enter yarn that has been spun from commercially-prepared fiber (roving, bats, tops, etc.), or hand-prepared by the spinner.
  • Classes include:
    1. Classic yarn:
      • Singles – 100% huacaya (natural or dyed)
      • Singles – 100% suri (natural or dyed)
      • 2 or more ply - 100% huacaya (natural or dyed)
      • 2 or more ply - 100% suri (natural or dyed)
      • 2 or more ply – Blends (at least 50% alpaca)
    2. Hand spindle: Any ply (at least 50% alpaca)
    3. Novelty yarn: Must be a defined technique such as nap, core, spiral, know slub, boucles, beaded, etc. and be comprised of at least 50% alpaca.
  • You may compete as a beginner, intermediate or advanced spinner.
  • Each entry is $30 and each skein must be 50 yards in length.

Deadline to enter is June 24, 2021.

That’s IT! You don’t have to be a member to participate, you just need to show your artistry with 50% alpaca! If you are not an AOA member, you may enter using the Hand-Spun Skeins Entry Form and Tags.

Pam EllenbergerAll entries will be judged by Pam Ellenberger of Bent Limb Farm. Pam joins us from Pennsylvania and runs an active, diverse, multi-species farm of fiber- and meat-producing animals. Pam brings a wealth of knowledge regarding fiber, fiber processing, fiber production, and product construction and she is an all-round wonderful teacher in all these areas!

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