Judy Keske

Judy KeskeAccredited Spin-Off Judge

1129 Fox Run
Grafton, Ohio 44044

phone (440) 926-9502
cell (440) 371-2469


As president of Slow & Easy Alpaca Farm, Judy began their business in 1996 with the purchase of 3 alpacas.

As the industry evolved, her business branched into fiber related interests to help promote alpaca fiber. At that time, she decided to retire from nursing and devote all of her time to this fine industry.

She began spinning shortly after their 2nd shearing in 1998. At the same time, she became actively involved in Lorain County Spinners & Weavers Guild. Our services include teaching, demonstrating and education re: various fiber arts at community events and schools. Since that time, she has become a member of Ohio Natural Fiber Network and continues to promote all aspects of natural fiber.

Volunteering at fleece shows had become a part of her schedule, beginning in 2002 for OABA & AOBA. There is no better place to learn all about the super characteristics of alpaca fleece.

Her personal service includes instruction in fleece preparation for show/spin-off, spinning, and beginning crochet.

Judy was approved as a spin-off judge in 2006 and has judged competitions for many of the national and local shows. She has since been accredited as a spin-off judge under a new AOA accreditation program that began in August 2016.

In August 2012 she became an AOA/AOBA Certified Fleece Judge after apprenticing numerous shows throughout the United States. She feels privileged to have the opportunity to continue evaluating North American alpaca fleece on various levels.

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