Wade Gease

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Senior Judge and Judge Trainer for all Certifications


Huacaya Halter, Suri Halter, Fleece, Performance

Wade Gease is an AOA certified senior alpaca judge, judge training instructor, presenter, designer and consultant/mediator for the worldwide alpaca industry. He was the previous co-owner of LondonDairy Alpacas for 18 years. He now unveils his own wholesale/retail product line as The Alpaca Guy.

Wade has been honored to be involved with so many different activities in the alpaca world: presenting his personal educational seminars at pen sales, consulting, commentating, coordinating for auctions, and evaluating for private alpaca breeders. A favored activity has been leading yearly educational trips throughout Peru. In 2021 he will host a Fiesta Alpaca trip in April because of a scheduled alpaca show in Cusco. Contact him to be put on his notification list.

Wade was the first to produce a N.A. made alpaca bamboo fabric. Thereafter, he created an upscale clothing line highlighting alpaca fabric, Alpaca Couture. The company’s vision was to gain greater attention from a discriminating consumer and help the industry gain greater recognition as an attractive fiber for fashion. Fashion shows were presented in Las Vegas, Orange County, and San Diego. The business transitioned into the accessory lines of The Alpaca Guy. Wade helps with Fashion Show/ Auction coordinations at different venues and shows like AOA.

Mr. Gease also forged ahead in making alpaca materials, designing alpaca products and has created a wet felting machine for home/farm use to empower ranches to make on the farm products, The Wet Felting Wizard. It has had over 25,000 views on YouTube and has sold as far as the Netherlands, France & South Africa.

Wade earned an Associate’s Degree in Aeronautical Science, a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, and a Masters Degree in Biochemistry. He is also a Camelid Fibre Sorter certified from Olds College Natural Fibre Centre, Canada. His past has given him experience in construction, was a certified flight instructor, chemistry instructor, co-owner of a gift and floral store, and a professional sales representative for multiple pharmaceutical companies. He enjoys scuba diving, home improvement projects, and anything related to alpaca fiber!