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Angie Grove is a mother of two, wife, Full-Time Medical Dispatcher, and 4-H Leader. She started learning about alpacas in 2010 when her daughter visited Bent Pine Alpaca Farm. Over the years her passion for the alpaca industry has grown which has led her to purchase her own alpacas and create Angie’s Alpaca Paradise. Angie's alpacas are boarded at Bent Pine Alpaca Farm. As the owners of Bent Pine Alpaca Farm have moved into retirement, she has become the manager of the farm. Angie has strived to learn the Youth Performance rules as youth are her main passion. She has been the Course Coordinator for her county 4-H Alpaca Show, the Pennsylvania Farm Show, and PAOBA. As she studied the youth rules and asked many questions, her relationship with Superintendent Sue Ives grew. Angie began to shadow Sue Ives for Show Superintendent and Judy Schroeder for Fleece and Walking Fleece. She attended the AOA Show Superintendent training in September 2018. Angie completed Judge Training in December 2022 for Performance Judge certification.